Milí rodičia,

veľká vďaka Petrovi a Evke Potočným, ktorí po mne prevzali štafetu a zorganizovali (a po celý čas v ňom predávali) SK stánok. V roku 2015 sme prvý krát navrhli prezidentovi APEEE p. Mc Cutchenovi aj my, rodičia SK žiakov, organizácie (text je v angličtine v podobe ako sa poslal APEEE prezidentovi), ktoré by mali dostať časť z financií, ktoré sa získali vďaka vám, pretože ste do stánku prispeli napečeným, navareným, predávali ste v ňom, alebo ste venovali istú sumu na nákup sladkostí, ktoré sa v ňom predali. Všetkým vďaka. To, ktoré organizácie nakoniec podporu dostali, sa nám žiaľ nepodarilo zistiť, ale kto by to chcel vedieť, stačí napísať na APEEE.

Name and description of the organisation Web page
Make your wish – ZELAJSI.SK

“Zelajsi.sk” , an organization founded in 2006 in Slovakia, aims to fulfill dreams of terminally ill children.

Children may choose a wish from one of the 4 categories (1. where I would like to go, 2. with whom I would like to meet, 3. what I would like to be for a day or 4. what would I like to have).

It is the first organization in Slovakia that introduced verification of fulfilled wishes (people can directly give the toy/wish to the child who wished for it – instead of just giving money; or can directly see the child’s fulfilled wish for which they financially contributed by getting in touch with the concerned family or by photos).



Riding rehabilitation centre Lesan, non profit organisation- Jazdecko rehabilitačné centrum Lesan, n.o.  Lesan is a Slovak non-profit organisation which provides hippotherapy mainly for disabled children. Besides, it also participates in specialised seminars in the field and contributes to specialised publications. http://www.ozinfodom.info/index.php?page=clanok_detail&id=7866


Light of hope- Svetielko nádeje. The Slovak organisation helps kids with cancer diseases. There are three areas the organisation is active: 1. Treatment and hospitalisation of kids with cancer. 2. Aftertreatment guidance for kids and parents. 3. Paliative care in home environement. http://www.svetielkonadeje.sk/
The Slovak TA3 Foundation.  It was established in 2011 and its purpose is:

–  individual support of socially weak and disadvantaged citizens,

– support of organizations dealing and providing care and assistance to children, adults as well as seniors,

– help and assistance in case of natural disasters, catastrophe, mass accidents or tragedies.

The Foundation is based solely on the support and promotion of the public benefit purpose; provides funds through grants and scholarships to individuals, nonprofit institutions, healthcare and educational institutions, municipalities and other associations providing public services.

The children cancer foundation.  The Belgian Kinderkankerfonds aspires to improve the quality of life of children with cancer and their families. To realise this it takes initiatives on different levels:

·         support families of children and teenagers with cancer;

·         give assistance to the paediatric haemato-oncology department of the Ghent University  Hospital;

·         provide home care for severely ill children by its affiliated team of nurses “Koester”;

·         provide day care for siblings during visiting hours;

·         support scientific research;

·         offer encounters for parents and siblings of deceased children;

·         organise weekends and camps for teenagers with cancer.



Palo Krempaský